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Conztellation Support Page

Conztellation has been thoroughly tested on the PC, Macintosh, iPhone, iPod and iPad to ensure smooth bug-free operation in single-player and multiplayer modes.  If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to a host in multiplayer, try the following:

  • Sometimes a router's settings can get in the way, making it difficult for anyone to join.  If you are having trouble hosting, such that others cannot connect.  To remedy this, under your router's WAN settings, try setting NAT Filtering to open if possible.
  • If you can contact the host via other means, suggest an arrangement where you are the host of the game.  Some phone Internet connections do not support game-hosting as well as others.

If you are still having trouble and the game does not seem to be functioning properly, please feel free to send an e-mail to: support@brainstormrising.com

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